Whole30 Week 1 and I’m feeling…

more than anything else, gratitude.
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Don’t call it a comeback…

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to die for mac n’ cheese


This has been my go-to mac n’ cheese recipe for years now.  It is AMAZING.  I can’t really take credit for this one though — it’s a twist on this gem from bae Ina (check her out sometime, she’s a genius…).  And I use the term “twist” loosely, I don’t even change the recipe much because honestly, she’s one chef whose recipes I seldom feel the need to tweak.  As is, this recipe is perfect for potlucks, dinner parties and holidays.  Cut it in half if you just want it for you and a couple of other people (or don’t because, you know, leftovers!). Read More

banana bread

banana bread 2

Since, lately, I find myself more and more often trying to make desserts that are easily convertible into breakfasts (see, e.g. (o-m-g my first blog bluebook reference! — i hope for your sake you have no clue what I’m talking about) my muffcakes or my bread pudding) I decided that maybe it was time I baked something that was actually meant to be eaten for breakfast (although I made it last night and managed to have a slice for dessert nonetheless, le sigh, I fear breakfast and dessert will forever be interchangeable to me).  Plus I had these three sad brown bananas sitting on my counter that most people probably would have just tossed out, but little do they know, extra ripe bananas are THE BEST for baking!! Read More

FINALLLYYYY…she made something healthy

kale 2

IT’S TRUE!! This post is all about my fave way to make sauteed kale (gasp! a vegetable?!) and trust me, once you’ve made it this way, you probably won’t want to have it any other way.  To be fair, my kale recipe may or may not have bacon in it (because BACON) but, you can totally use turkey bacon if you want (although I don’t) and the quantity as compared to the amount of leafy greens you’re getting really only does just enough to heighten flavor without compromising the nutritional components of the dish! Read More

can’t get enough sweet potato (cookies!)

Sweet potato cookies 6

Happy 2015 y’all!!  2014 was a good year, but cheers to 2015 being filled with even more cookies and love!!  Let’s kick it off with a little of both.  Clearly, lately, I can’t get enough sweet potato.  As we saw from my last post sweet potatoes can make an excellent savory dish, and stuffed the right way, they can be enough food to make a meal!!  But lest we forget that sweet potatoes are, in fact, sweet, I thought I’d use my leftovers from my last grocery shopping trip to make some super decadent sweet potato cookies with maple-roasted pecans!! With the holidays just behind us I wanted put together a post-holiday treat with a little less guilt than all of the goodies you’ve been eating for the last month!! But before you ask, no these are not low-cal, healthy cookies — so before you kick off that new years resolution, let’s have one last indulgence shall we? Yes or yes?  SO MUCH YES. Read More

stuffed to the brim baked sweet potatoes

stuffed baked sweet potato

I definitely did not used to be the biggest fan of sweet potatoes.  My mom used to make sweet potato pie that would go untouched by everyone in my family except my dad.  But my taste buds have since evolved a bit and now I genuinely love the unique flavor (and added health benefits) of cooking with sweet potatoes over regular russets.  While regular potatoes are, contrary to popular belief, actually quite healthy in moderation, sweet potatoes do tend to be a bit less caloric with fewer carbs and more fiber.  But the difference is relatively minimal.  So unless the only way you take your potatoes is deep fried and covered in salt…I say don’t be afraid of working all kinds of potatoes into your diet!

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thanksgiving treat!: warm apple bread pudding


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! In honor of the wonderfully gluttonous day I just had (and hopefully all of you had as well!), I thought I’d share a very appropriately-themed dessert that’s not only delicious, but also super quick and easy!  It’s perfect for those of you who, like me, work long hours in the fall and winter but also want to contribute something to the various holiday parties you’ll be attending this season. Cue: Apple bread pudding.

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Swordfish with Sun-dried tomato pesto risotto


One of my favorite ways to enjoy my protein, whether it be beef, chicken, pork or fish, is cooked outside on a good old-fashioned charcoal grill.  I.m.o., there’s really just no way to top that flavor.  But the thing about living in NYC is, more often than not, you probably don’t have access to a grill.  Occasionally, you get lucky and find one of those luxury (over-priced) buildings with a finished roof that has community grills or (more likely) you buy one of those tiny travel-friendly grills that you lug up to the roof of your building (if you’re lucky enough to have a place with roof access…I don’t) and use (quite illegally) on occasion.  But for the vast majority of us living in the city, cooking a meal on a grill is not really a viable option.  And anyway, it was 25 degrees outside when I prepared this, even if I could’ve been out there grilling, I probably wouldn’t have been!

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Football season and a slow-cooker, a match made in heaven

chili cous cous 3

Every year as September and the end of a blissful summer starts to approach, the thought of the approaching football season saves me from sinking into a depression as my beach weekends, afternoons spent lounging in the park and the many brunch, dinner and drink dates spent indulging at some of NYC’s best rooftop, backyard and patio joints comes to a close.  And I’m not just talking football season generically – I’m talking about Michigan Football.  I was born and raised in Michigan and spent four amazing years at the University of Michigan, so my die-hard Wolverine fandom is fully indoctrinated and completely irreversible at this point.  I couldn’t care less about football Sundays (or Mondays or Thursdays) — it’s Football Saturday that gets me excited each week!  And despite the Wolverines’ rather rocky season thus far (no I don’t want to talk about it) that’s not going to change anytime soon. Read More